wuruwuru is a Nigerian word that means "crooked". When used in the phrase "wuruwuru to the answer", it describes a haphazard approach to getting things done.

In this context, it refers to the chaotic process of making things in a city like Lagos with little institutional support. Excellent outcomes are no mere feat, and it takes more than talent or dedication.

The project started in November 2020 as an attempt to make a magazine, but then veered into a handful of odd experiments and eventually, a production studio.

Broadly, we make passion projects and consult for friends. In the process, we hope to build community and create useful documentation.

Ultimately, the goal is to set up a community-run support system for independent creators.

Here’s how this might play out:

1. Production

By making things we get to meet people, understand the creative industry and build capacity to help others.

We hire independent creators for each project and work remotely using Basecamp, Notion and WhatsApp.

So far we've produced an Instagram comic, two animated short films, a physical board game and two events.

2. Editorial

If a community-funded, volunteer-run support system for indie creators is to exist, we need people.

Production and consultancy brings us close to peers, but publishing is how we attract a global audience of enthusiasts and patrons.

For our second act, the studio will produce high quality writing on ideas, things and people of interest. We also have a lot of research and documentation worth sharing.

3. Patrons

Hopefully, we find 100 True Fans from this audience willing to give money to indie creators.

4. Programs

With enough patrons, the studio can support indie creators by running programs with established institutions. And by delegating space and facilitation to partners, we can keep our operations simple.