wuruwuru is a maker collective. We help friends of the studio with people, strategy, direction and production for passion projects.


  • Opemipo Aikomo image

    Opemipo Aikomo


    Ope started wuruwuru and directs the circus. In his spare time, he also leads design at Paystack.

  • Williams Ogah image

    Williams Ogah


    Williams is curious about how creative ideas come to life. He previously worked as a project manager, enjoys taking naps, and also runs a consulting business.

  • Tomiwa Ajiboye image

    Tomiwa Ajiboye

    Assistant Producer

    Tomiwa is a product designer and music buff. He enjoys taking it slow or going really fast, no in-betweens. He's building Comicrunes - a platform for reading comics.

  • Eris Ekanem image

    Eris Ekanem

    Assistant Producer

    Eris is a writer and storyboard artist. She's learning French and training her cat with sign language.